Pelham, AL


How do I obtain a business license?

- If you are moving into the City of Pelham you will need to apply for the license and complete all forms.

- The Building Department will inspect the location to make sure there have been no changes to the building and make sure the building is up to code and the proper zoning for the type of business that is being applied for. The Inspection Fee is $30.

- Once the inspection is completed and signed off on by the Building Official we will continue with the process of getting the license.

-  Business Occupancy Inspection Request Form

Business License Application Form (PDF)

What information is required to obtain a license?

- We require a copy of the Articles of Incorporation or if you are a sole proprietor we will require a copy of your Driver’s License. - If you are state certified we require a current copy of your certification prior to issuing the license.

How much is a business license?

- The cost is based on the type of business you are doing in the city. - We have flat rate fees and fees based on your gross receipts.

What are the requirements and costs for a Door-to-Door Solicitors License?

- Each person going door-to-door will be required to complete and application and be identified by the Pelham Police Department. - Applicant’s who are self-employed (receive a 1099) will be required to purchase their own Business License. - Applicant’s who are true employees (receive a W-2) can have their company carry the license. - Each Door-To-Door Solicitors License is $512 for the year.

When does my license expire?

All business licenses expire on December 31.

What forms of payment do you accept?

- Cash - Check - Credit cards - the credit card company charges a fee of 3.5%