Employment Opportunities

The City of Pelham is supported by numerous departments. Each department is unique and important in its role to support the community.  The City of Pelham offers Tier 1 Retirement Benefits to all full-time employees.

Departments include the following:

Administration Finance Police Department
Ballantrae Golf Club Fire Department Public Works
Building, Inspections & GIS Human Resources Racquet Club
Civic Complex & Ice Arena Library Revenue
Engineering Municipal Court Tennis Center
Facilities Maintenance & Landscaping Parks & Recreation Water & Sewer

Online Applications

Interested in an open position listed below and want to apply? Simply complete an online application located at the bottom of this page. You are welcome to submit the completed application and back ground check authorization forms via email.  (You may also forward a copy of your resume along with the completed application.)

We do not discriminate on the basis of race, sex (including pregnancy), color, age, national origin, disability or any other protected status. We base our hiring decisions on a variety of factors., including skills and ability to perform the job, prior employment experience, employment references as to character and willingness to work, willingness to accept the offered salary and personal interviews. The City of Pelham is an equal opportunity employer. 

Current Employment Opportunities:

  2. Ballantrae Golf Club
  3. DSPW
  4. finance
  5. FIRE department
  6. ParkS & Rec
  7. Pelham Public Library 
  9. pelham Racquet Club
  10. IT 
  11. Civic Complex & Ice Arena

Both applications are required to apply for any position:

Employment Application (You must download and save the application prior to filling it out)

Background Check Application (You must download and save the application prior to filling it out)