City Clerk

City Hall, brick building,  facade and front entrance, American flag
The City Clerk prepares ordinances and resolutions, attends all meetings of the Pelham City Council and records in the minutes an accurate record of the actions of the governing body. The City Clerk serves as custodian of the rules, ordinances, resolutions and minutes of the city council, municipal lawsuits, subdivision bonds and other permanent records of the city. Other responsibilities include processing municipal bids and contracts, updating the Code of Ordinances, records management for the city and public records access. The City Clerk serves as the Election Manager in charge of all municipal elections.
  1. Annexation Information

    Learn how to apply for either annexation into the City of Pelham or to be deannexed.

  2. Municipal Bids

    Any vendor desiring to be placed on the city’s bid list may send their bid letter to the City Clerk.

  3. Municipal Elections

    Municipal Elections are held on the fourth Tuesday in August every 4 years.