Crime Prevention Tips

  1. Assault Prevention

    If you have been abused by, or are in fear of, your domestic partner or spouse, get help.

  2. Auto Theft Prevention

    Door locks and ignition keys are called “first layer” anti-theft devices.

  3. Commercial Burglary Prevention

    Light all entrances, including alleys, with vandal-proof fixtures.

  4. Commercial Robbery Prevention

    Keep cash to a minimum with frequent, irregular deposits or a "drop safe".

  5. Fraud Prevention

    Banks are swiftly replacing standard ATM cards with "check cards" - debit cards that deduct directly from your checking account.

  6. Obtaining a Police Patrol Request

    Learn how to request a police patrol.

  7. Rape Prevention

    Be aware of the surroundings when walking down the street.

  8. Residential Burglary Prevention

    Check the locks.

  9. Street Robbery Prevention

    Try to avoid walking alone on the street after 9 p.m.

  10. Theft Prevention

    Office buildings should develop a comprehensive security policy involving all employees.