Street Robbery Prevention


  • Try to avoid walking alone on the street after 9 p.m. If you must walk alone at night, use well-lit roads, with as much car traffic as possible, and walk near the curb.
  • At night, avoid vacant lots, and areas with excessive trees and bushes.
  • When walking to your car at night, have your keys in your hand and be ready to open the door.
  • Try to avoid using ATMs late at night. If you must, try to pick an ATM in an attended location, such as a supermarket or mall. At the very least, make sure the ATM is well lit, and be aware of any people "loitering" in the area. Try to avoid going alone.
  • Before answering the door at home, check the peephole or side window to make sure you know your visitor.
  • Keep your doors locked when driving your car. If someone approaches your car while stopped, be prepared to step on the gas.
  • Don't carry a purse loosely around your shoulder. Clutch it tightly under your arm or, better yet, avoid carrying a purse and keep a wallet in your pocket instead.
  • If you are robbed, obey the robber's instructions. Keeping your cash in a separate money clip or pouch will allow you to hand it over without sacrificing your credit cards, identification, and personal papers. Try to memorize your robber's physical features, clothing, motor vehicle, and direction of flight. Call the police from the nearest available telephone.