Assault Prevention


  • If you have been abused by, or are in fear of, your domestic partner or spouse, get help. The problem usually becomes worse if it is not addressed.
  • Report assault when it happens, even if you do not believe it to be "serious". Police administrators cannot consider assaults that are not reported when they make decisions about how to allocate manpower and funds. If there is a problem with a bar, a household, a school, or any other place where assaults are likely to happen, the police need to know.
  • Do not allow yourself to be drawn into arguments about traffic or parking incidents. Keep calm when behind the wheel of your car. If another driver commits a violation or threatens you, take down his registration information and report it to the police. Hundreds of people are killed or assaulted each year because of "road rage".
  • Unless they have security forces for that purpose, shop managers and clerks should not attempt to physically detain shoplifters. Most of the "Shop Owner/Patron" assaults began as shoplifting incidents. Instead, get a full description of the shoplifter and call the police. If he refuses to stay, let him go.