Specialty Units

  1. Crisis/Hostage Negotiations Team

    The Crisis/Hostage Negotiations Team facilitates successful and peaceful resolutions without injury to all involved.

  2. Evidence Technician Unit

    The Evidence Technician Unit is responsible for maintaining crime scene integrity, properly collecting evidence, documenting incidents through proven methods, and establishing scientific facts surrounding crimes.

  3. K-9 Unit

    The Pelham Police Department takes great pride in its K-9 Unit because of the proficiency and ability of the animals working in partnership with their handlers.

  4. Tactical Operations Unit

    The Tactical Operations Unit is a highly skilled and well-equipped tactical unit that responds to extremely hazardous situations where conventional police tactics and equipment may be inadequate.

  5. Traffic Operations Unit

    In 1987, the Pelham Police Department recognized the need for increased traffic enforcement efforts and for trained personnel to investigate serious injury and fatal traffic crashes.