Tactical Operations Unit

The Tactical Operations Unit is a highly skilled and well-equipped tactical unit that responds to extremely hazardous situations where conventional police tactics and equipment may be inadequate. The Unit may be called upon for incidents involving hostages, armed suicidal subjects, clandestine drug labs, or barricaded/wanted subjects. The Unit also assists in serving warrants in high-risk situations for the arrest of dangerous felons.


Specialized training for all members and a broad range of tactical equipment enable the Unit to resolve situations using the least amount of force necessary. Some specialized equipment utilized by the Unit includes chemical agents, less lethal munitions, night vision, and a variety of firearms. All Unit members are Hazardous Materials Awareness and Operations certified through IFSAC and ProBoard through a training course from the Alabama Fire College. Also, all Unit members have had multiple CBRNE courses and multiple entries into the Center for Domestic Preparedness, live agent, Chemical, Ordnance, Biological, and Radiological Training Facility (COBRATF). It is the only such program in the nation featuring civilian training exercises in a true toxic environment, using chemical agents and biological materials. This additional WMD/CBRNE training separates our Unit from others, especially in our surrounding area. By continuing to obtain this type training and developing this capability within our team, the Unit is able to function tactically in any environment.


Police officers assigned to the Unit do so as a secondary assignment. Their primary assignments are usually in the Patrol or Investigations Divisions. Unit members must maintain excellent physical condition, must attend mandatory team training, and must consistently perform well in their primary assignments in order to continue as part of this elite team.