Traffic Operations Unit

In 1987, the Pelham Police Department recognized the need for increased traffic enforcement efforts and for trained personnel to investigate serious injury and fatal traffic crashes. A 3-member full-time traffic unit was formed to address those needs. During the 1990s, unit staffing dropped to only 2 officers on a part-time, as needed basis. Two additional officers were added to the traffic unit in October 1995. Due to the tremendous growth in Pelham and the surrounding areas during the 1990s, traffic related calls for service skyrocketed and the need for another full-time traffic unit was realized. Two additional officers were added in October 1999 and the name was changed to the Traffic Operations Unit to reflect the multitude of duties the Unit is responsible for.

Duties & Responsibilities

The Traffic Operations Unit has many duties and responsibilities which include: traffic law enforcement, traffic crash prevention and investigation, impaired driver enforcement, traffic control at civic functions, sporting events, funeral processions, parades, and visiting dignitaries, neighborhood traffic complaint investigations, and community functions such as speaking to driver education classes, promoting the use of seat belts and child restraints, and/or other traffic related topics.

Creating Safer Communities

The Traffic Operations Unit is committed to creating a safer community by assisting citizens in solving traffic problems utilizing the "3 Es" of traffic safety: engineering, education, and enforcement. Traffic officers participate in traffic engineering studies, make traffic crash prevention recommendations, educate the public on traffic safety, and review or recommend changes in Alabama state law that affects traffic safety. Today, there are 6 police officers and one sergeant assigned to the Traffic Operations Unit. The Pelham Police Department is one of the few agencies in the Birmingham area to have full-time traffic personnel dedicated to traffic safety.