Building & Codes

What are the City of Pelham codes dealing with buildings, construction, and related activities?

  1. International Building Code, 2009 edition.
    • Amendment 1: The following Sections shall be revised as follows:
      • Section 101.1 Insert: City of Pelham
      • Section 1612.3 Insert: City of Pelham
      • Section 1612.3 Insert: September 29, 2006
      • Section 3412.2 insert: June 17, 2110
  2. International Residential Code, 2009 edition (with following amendments):
    • Amendment 1: Section R313.2 One- and two-family dwellings automatic fire systems.
    • Section R313.2 and subsequent exception shall be omitted.
    • Section R313.2.1, Design and installation shall be retained.
  3. International Fire Code, 2009 edition (with the following amendments and exceptions) and appendix chapters B, C, D, H, I, and J.
    • Amendment 1: Chapter 47, Referenced Standards, paragraph one, shall read as follows:
      • This chapter lists the standards that are referenced in various sections of this document. The standards are listed herein by the promulgating agency of the standard, the standard identification, the effective date and title, and the section or sections of this document that references the standard. The application of the referenced standards shall be as specified in Section 102.7.
    • Amendment 2: Chapter 1, Section 102, 102.7, Referenced codes and standards, shall read as follows:
      • The codes and standards referenced in this code shall be those that are listed in Chapter 47 and such codes and standards shall be considered part of the requirements of this code to the prescribed extent of each such reference. Where differences occur between the provisions of this code and the referenced standards, the provisions of this code shall apply.
    • Amendment 3: Chapter 1, Section 105, Permits. The following sections shall be omitted:
      1. Section 105.6.5
      2. Section 105.6.6
      3. Section 105.6.7
      4. Section 105.6.8
      5. Section 105.6.9
      6. Section 105.6.11
      7. Section 105.6.12
      8. Section 105.6.13
      9. Section 105.6.16
      10. Section 105.6.17
      11. Section 105.6.18
      12. Section 105.6.19
      13. Section 105.6.20
      14. Section 105.6.21
      15. Section 105.6.22
      16. Section 105.6.23
      17. Section 105.6.24
      18. Section 105.6.25
      19. Section 105.6.26
      20. Section 105.6.28
      21. Section 105.6.29
      22. Section 105.6.30
      23. Section 105.6.34
      24. Section 105.6.35
      25. Section 105.6.36
      26. Section 105.6.38
      27. Section 105.6.39
      28. Section 105.6.40
      29. Section 105.6.42
      30. Section 105.6.45
      31. Section 105.6.46
      32. Section 105.6.47
    • Amendment 4: The following exception shall be omitted:
      • Section 3301.1.3, exception number 4
    • Amendment 5: The following sections shall read as follows:
      • Section 101.1. Insert: City of Pelham
      • Section 109.3. Insert: Class C misdemeanor, $500, 5 days
      • Section 111.4. Insert: $50, $500
  4. International Existing Building Code, 2009 edition
  5. International Fuel Gas Code, 2009 edition
  6. International Plumbing Code, 2009 edition
  7. International Code Council Electrical Code, 2009 edition
  8. International Mechanical Code, 2009 edition
  9. Additional Regulations:
    1. All footings shall have a minimum of two #4 reinforcing bars placed in the lower third of the footing at least one inch above the bottom of the footing. All reinforcing bars shall be supported on metal brackets or chairs and shall be overlapped at least one foot at each joint. All bars shall be wired to the chairs and at each overlapping joint. Additional reinforcing bars or bars of a larger size may be required at the discretion of the Building Inspector. In the event of any differences between the above stated minimum requirements and the requirements of the architect's or engineer's design, the more stringent criteria will apply. It is the responsibility of the architect or engineer to provide a structurally sound design.
    2. Erosion and siltation measures shall be required at each construction site regardless of the size of the site. Silt fences, staked hay bales, or other necessary measures are required to retain silt, mud, and debris on the construction site and prevent siltation of adjacent properties, roadways and drainage ways. All work shall be done in accordance with best management practices.
    3. A foundation survey shall be provided to the building official after footing is poured to ensure that all zoning requirements are met.

Additional Information

  1. In the event that any two or more of the adopted codes contain conflicting requirements, the more protective requirement shall prevail.
  2. Nothing contained herein shall prevent the city from adopting additional regulations as required for the public welfare.
  3. Within said codes when reference is made to the duties of certain officials named therein that designated official in the city who has duties corresponding to those of the named officials in said code shall be deemed the responsible official insofar as enforcing the provisions of said code concerned.
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