Outdoor Programs

Fairy House Hike on the Light Trail & Camping 101

Day: Saturday                                                

Date: May 8

Cost: $3.00/person                                         

Time: 9:00am-1:00pm

Age: ALL                                               

Location: Oak Mountain State Park

Build a fairy house out of natural elements on the Light Trail and let the magic of the woods come to life. 

Learn how to go camping! Build a fire, set up a tent, and determine necessary camping supplies.  Participants are encouraged to dress comfortably and wear sturdy walking footwear. You will be given a pass to show at the Oak Mountain Park gate. 

Registration: April 12-May 6  

NOTE: Space is limited so you need to register each person who plans to attend each program. If you are carrying an infant there is no charge, but all others need to be registered. The fee for the program cover, the Oak Mountain gate fee and any additional program fees. 


Gardening - House Plants 101  

Day: Thursday                                                             

Date: May 13

Cost: $5.00/night                                            

Time: 5:30pm-6:30pm

Age: 16 & older                                                                  

Location: Myers Plant & Pottery

Bright light, direct light, indirect light, low light…just light needs for our indoor plants can be confusing. Then there’s watering, fertilizing and potting needs too. You’ll learn the basics of keeping your indoor plants healthy and strong in House Plants 101. Just a few great tips in this class will have you well on your way to enjoying plants as part of your decor at home. Space limited.

Registration: April 12-May10.


Gardening - Butterflies & Bees  

Day: Tuesday                                                             

 Date: June 1 

Cost: $5.00/night                                            

Time: 5:30pm-6:30pm

Age: 16 & older                                                                     

Location: Myers Plant & Pottery

Without help from our insect gardeners, butterflies and bees, we wouldn’t enjoy our flowers and fruits all summer. These helpful winged pollinators are struggling to survive in our chemical-laden air. Come see how you can attract and protect butterflies and bees using natural gardening tips to keep unwanted and destructive garden pests at bay and encourage desirable pollinating to enhance your beautiful summer garden. Space is limited. 

Registration: April 12-May 27