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Posted on: February 20, 2023

An "iMPACT" on Infrastructure

New Vactor iMPACT truck will help clean and protect city sewer systems.

Let's have a conversation about…your sewer. You probably don't give much thought to what goes on beneath the streets of Pelham. The water you use in your home simply disappears down the drain. Rainwater rushes through the gutters and into a culvert. But there's so much more going on than meets the eye. Keeping the system that moves wastewater and stormwater in top shape is essential to the health of our community. That's why Pelham city leaders invested in a new Vactor iMPACT combination sewer cleaner. 

The new dual-function truck will be used for sanitary sewers and storm sewer maintenance. According to the manufacturer, the Vactor iMPACT has superior vacuum performance to pull debris long-distances from sewer lines and a JetRodder® water pump with a powerful "jackhammer" action to break up the toughest blockages. The truck is also smaller and more compact, making maneuvering in tight spaces easier.  

Recently, the Pelham Sewer Department and the Street Department members were on hand to get a demonstration from a company representative and train on the new equipment. The employees were excited about what they referred to as the "new toy," and they were eager to learn all the unique features of the Vactor iMPACT. They practiced vacuuming a sewer line and using the JetRodder® to blast away debris. 

Both sanitary sewer lines and storm sewers are vulnerable to clogs from obstructions such as tree roots, grease, trash, leaves, and more. An overflow in the sanitary sewer line can affect human health and damage our freshwater resources. A clogged storm sewer can cause severe street flooding, potentially affecting homes and commercial buildings. The Vactor iMPACT was attractive to Pelham city leaders because it is made for municipalities needing a fast response, emergency backup vehicle, and regular sewer infrastructure maintenance.  

André Bittas, Director of Development Services and Public Works said the $297,000 investment will improve efficiency and reduce overall costs. "The Vactor iMpact was the preferred equipment to meet our requirements and specifications," said Bittas. "It will allow city crews to perform maintenance work in-house instead of contracting it, saving the city and taxpayers time and money." This purchase was budgeted and paid for through the general fund budget.

The purchase of the truck was approved by City Council two years ago, and the order was placed immediately. "The delay in receiving the equipment was due to the Covid-19 pandemic, supply chain delays, and slow manufacturing," said Bittas. The Vactor iMPACT is now in service and will help protect, clean, and repair Pelham's infrastructure for years to come.

Photo of the new City of Pelham Vactor iMPACT truck for sewer maintenance.

Public Works Crews train on the new Vactor iMPACT equipment.

Public Works Crews train on the new Vactor iMPACT equipment.Pelham Public Works crews train on the new Vactor iMPACT truck.

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