Where can I set-up my food truck?
- All food trucks must be located off the public rights-of-way.
- You may only be located and operate in areas/districts zoned non-residential unless they are temporarily operated for specific events held at a church that is located on a parcel zoned for residential use.
- All food trucks must have the written approval of the property and business owner for each location at which the food truck operates.
- No food truck shall operate in excess of 3 consecutive days in any one location, without the mayor's written approval.
- No food truck shall operate on more than 2 individual sites within the city per day.
- No more than 1 food truck shall operate on the same site per day without the mayor's written approval.
- Food trucks shall not be located within 200 feet of the main entrance of the nearest restaurant during the restaurant's posted hours of operation.
- All food trucks shall be located a minimum of 25 feet away from any fire hydrant, sidewalk, utility boxes, handicap ramps and building entrances.
- No food truck shall occupy parking spaces required to fulfill the minimum requirement of a principal use.
- No food truck shall obstruct or encroach upon fire lanes, vehicular access ways or pedestrian walkways.

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