Private Lessons

If you are looking to enhance your learning experience, consider private ice skating lessons. Our instructors are top-notch, and our facility is a member of the "Excellence on Ice" program with the Professional Skaters Association (PSA). Lessons are a great way to help your skater focus on and improve skills that might be giving them trouble or to achieve and enhance the skills they already know.

  1. Schedules & Rates
  2. Tips for Finding the Right Coach

Instructors are independently contracted. Coaches set their own schedules and rates. 


Check the BFSC Freestyle Schedule before you come for your lesson. The schedule is subject to change.


Private lesson fees are listed on the Private Lesson Request Form. These fees do not include ice time or skate rental. Private lessons are taught on BFSC freestyle ice only. This ice time may be purchased at the Pelham Pro Shop. Coaches must be paid in a timely manner for skaters to continue utilizing BFSC Freestyle Ice.

A unit is a 30-minute freestyle session. Membership packages can be purchased in the Pelham Pro Shop.

  • $480 membership = 80 units
  • $300 membership = 40 units
  • $180 membership = 20 units
  • Walk on rate of $20 per hour ($10)

All BFSC Freestyle Ice users must abide by the BFSC Ice Usage and Etiquette Rules.


If you need to cancel a private lesson, please notify your coach at least 12 hours in advance. Your coach may charge for lessons that are not canceled 12 hours in advance.

Private Lesson Request Form

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    Listed rates are per 30 minutes 

    *indicates Junior Coach

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