Residential Permit Requirements


  • Copy of homebuilders licensure card on file with license
  • Submit 2 complete sets of plans with the following:
    • Plot plan
    • Wall detail including any fire separation between garages and living space must be shown on plans. You will need to highlight the fire wall and door on the plans.
    • Septic tank approval from health department or weatherly waterway approval (if applicable). Water tap fees must be paid with City of Pelham before picking up permit.
    • Submit a landscape drawing showing trees and sod (may be drawn on plat plan if desired).
    • Site erosion control plan which includes gravel on driveway for access to structure.
  • One set of accepted plans shall be kept at the site of work and shall be open to inspection by the building official or his/her authorized representative.
  • Verification of zoning ordinance for correct setbacks is required on each lot before being permitted. The builder is responsible for meeting all requirements on property setbacks.

 Note: no plans will be accepted or permit issued unless all items listed above are addressed and met.