Water Education

  1. High Usage

    If your water bill unexpectedly increases but your water usage patterns have not changed, following some of the simple steps below may help determine why.

  2. Lead & Copper Plan (PDF)

    Read more about how the Water department manages lead and copper in the water.

  3. Secondary Water Meters

    Read the guidelines for this type of metering. The customer, in making application for a secondary water meter, agrees to abide by these guidelines and the ordinances relating thereto.

  4. Standards for Construction

    Those planning on construction will need to learn more about the regulations of water and sanitary systems.

  5. Water Quality Reports

    Access the archives of Water Quality Reports from 2009 to present.

  6. Water Leak Adjustments

    The City of Pelham Water Works offers courtesy assistance in the event a customer experiences a substantial increase in water use due to a water leak.

  7. Establish or Disconnect Water Services

    If you are new to Pelham, or simply moving within, access information how to establish or disconnect from services.

  8. Report a Water or Sewer Concern

    Learn who and how to contact if there is a streets or sanitation problem.