Water Leak Adjustments

Pelham Water Works may offer billing adjustments to customers who experience a qualifying water leak.

Qualifying Water Leak

A customer may apply for a water leak adjustment for a Qualifying Water Leak. A Qualifying Water Leak must meet the following conditions:

  1. All required documentation must be received by the water department within 60 days following repair of the leak.
  2. Water usage must be more than 1.5 times the average water usage during the preceding three billing cycles.
  3. The leak could not have been readily detectable with reasonable diligence and/or did not result from negligence from the property owner or occupant. Examples of usage not eligible for adjustment include:
  • Leaking toilets, dripping faucets or hose bibs
  • Filling swimming pools
  • Faucets or fixtures not turned off properly
  • Water left running to prevent freezing
  • Water used for fire system testing
  • Irrigation systems turned off and not repaired

General Conditions for Adjustment

When water usage has been determined to be a Qualifying Water Leak, the following General Conditions must be satisfied before an adjustment can be considered:

  1. A Leak Adjustment Form must be submitted by the account owner with acceptable documentation. Acceptable documentation is at least one of the following:
    • Plumber's invoice
    • Receipts for repair materials
    • Photographic evidence of the repair
  2. No more than one leak adjustment can be granted in a 12-month period for any service address. A change in account ownership or occupancy shall not reset this time period.
  3. The account must be paid in full and kept current until the lead adjustment has been reviewed and a decision has been made.
  4. Adjustments may be made for no more than the two highest consecutive months usage in the six months immediately preceding the repair of the leak.
  5. There shall be no adjustment or refunding for late fees, reconnection charges, NSF fees, etc.

Leak Adjustment Calculations

Water Bill adjustments for a Qualifying Leak will be calculated using the formula below. All adjustment calculations will be made in dollars and not in gallons. Adjustments shall be made base on bills before taxes are added. Applicable taxes shall be applied to the adjusted bill.

Adjusted Water Bill + Min. Bill + 1/2 x (Leak Month Bill-Minimum Bill)

Sewer Bill Adjustment Policy

A Sewer Bill adjustment may only be considered in conjunction with a Water Leak Adjustment. A customer must satisfy all conditions for a Water Leak Adjustment to be eligible for a Sewer Bill adjustment unless stated otherwise in the below policy.


For a Qualifying Water Leak during the months of October through March (6 months), the months for which a water bill adjustment was approved shall be omitted for the following year's base rate calculation.


For a Qualifying Water Leak, the sewer bill for the months in which a water bill adjustment was approved, the sewer bill shall be adjusted as follows:

  1. A Qualifying Water Leak resulting in a discharge into the City's sewer system shall not be eligible for adjustment
  2. For all other Qualifying Water Leaks, the sewer bill shall be adjusted to the average bill for the three months preceding the Qualifying Water Leak.
  3. Sewer bill adjustments shall only be considered for the same billing period in which a Water Leak Adjustment was approved.

Special Exception

For commercial customers with accounts that have been active less than six months, the customer shall provide all required documentation. Sewer Bill adjustment (if any) shall be determined on a case by case basis and approved by the Department Head.

Download the Water Leak Adjustment form (PDF)